The most dependable name in umbrella manufacturing, totes brings you over 50 years of expertise and innovation. We pioneered the world’s first foldable umbrella, to hold true to our passion – keeping you outside in any weather. Still today, each of our umbrellas is backed by our lifetime guarantee. From micro to golf sticks, totes has you covered!
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Acorn Primary Logo

We make Acorns for indoors and out, fireplace and fire pit, couch and hammock for feet of all sizes.
The perfect choice for après sports and casual weekends.
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For over 100 years, we have served those who value comfort above all else. For the single parents, the freelance hustlers, final studying grads, late shift nurses and weary world travelers. We bring an extra dose of love and care to everything we do because we know the simple act of giving can change the world.
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Totes Isotoner Canada

totes ISOTONER Canada, Limited, located in the Greater Toronto Area of Mississauga, is the Canadian division of totes ISOTONER Corporation, the world’s largest marketer of umbrellas, gloves, rainwear, and other weather related accessories.

Isotoner France

ISOTONER is the undisputed leader on the French glove, Slipper and umbrella market with products widely distributed in Europe and the United States. From a single-product, single-channel brand, Isotoner has become in just a few years a must-have brand with a market share of nearly 30% on some of its ranges. The distribution centre of ISOTONER for Europe (excluding the United Kingdom) is still located where a young Auvergne man created it, more than a century ago, in Saint-Martin-Valmeroux. It employs more than 200 people.

The headquarters of the Management, Sales and Marketing Department is located in the Paris region at Neuilly-Sur-Seine.

totes isotoner UK

totes ISOTONER is the UK subsidiary of totes»ISOTONER® Corporation, one of the largest fashion accessory companies in the US, with operations in North America, the UK, Scandinavia and throughout Europe.

Manzella Home Page


With over 30 years of experience, Manzella designs products specifically for active individuals in varying outdoor conditions. We design and produce gloves and headwear for targeted categories within the sports, recreational and the uniform/career apparel markets. 
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